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Training, research and consultancy


Tailor made to suit your needs, training can be anything from a two hour workshop to a full train-the-trainer course, and everything in between.  Topics include:

  • Employment - for employer, employees and/or 3rd sector

  • Transitions across the lifespan (including leaving school)

  • Autism and ageing

  • Sensory Processing

  • General understanding of autism and/or neurodiversity

  • Engagement and co-production

Get in touch to discuss your training needs and find out how we can work together to build a training package that's perfect for you. 


Providing guidance and support to ensure the work you do is inclusive and understanding of autism and/or neurodiversity.  Consultancy work can include:

  • Sitting on autism/neurodiversity strategy planning groups

  • Chairing or facilitating workshops

  • Developing a company neurodiversity policy

  • Guidance on making your service more understanding of neurodiversity

  • Developing your wider engagement approach

  • Improving your neurodiversity recruitment processes

  • Support to set up a neurodivergent-led network or support group

Get in touch to explore the ways in which consultancy might benefit you. 


Working with you to produce high quality, independent, impartial research.  From small feasibility studies, engagement exercises, service or project evaluations, to larger scale research projects.

If you are looking to involve autistic and neurodivergent people in your research through co-production or engagement methods, I can support you to do this in an effective and inclusive manner.

Or, if you would like some general training on current research and literature in relation to autism and neurodiversity then I can develop a package to suit your individual needs. 


Here are some of the projects I am currently working on:

Consultant to Local HSCP autism strategy - chairing working groups, facilitating workshops, promoting engagement and co-production, developing strategy goals.

1:1 work with corporate organisation - working with a member of staff to offer guidance on their rights, reasonable adjustments and tools and strategies.  Working with employer to increase understanding of autism and improve their approaches.

Supporting The Autistic Collective - facilitating workshops, delivering training, encouraging engagement, presenting to strategy leads, having fun!

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