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I have had the pleasure of working with Lynsey for the past few years.  I have always found her to be knowledgeable, compassionate, and highly motivated.  I look forward to collaborating with her wherever possible. - Marion

Lynsey is one of my favourite people to work with! She has a brilliant understanding of autism and autistic lived experience, and is hard-working and empathetic. I would highly recommend her work to anyone. - Felicity

Marion and Felicity - Autism Understanding Scotland

The Autistic Collective East Renfrewshire is a working group of parents/carers who support their amazing Autistic / ADHD / Neurodivergent kids, teens and adults.  We're passionate about raising Autistic and Neurodivergent voices in our local area, and beyond. 

We've had the enormous pleasure of working with L-Mac founder, Lynsey Stewart on many occasions over the past 18 months.    Anyone looking to contract L-Mac to work with them will be equally impressed by the gold-standard service and ingenious creative solutions we've experienced.  It's always a joy!   

Time and time again, Lynsey has proven herself to be a highly skilled, innovative and versatile contributor and facilitator on any project we've developed together, or have invited her to be involved with. This includes NHS-GGC's dynamic new neurodevelopmental service engagement project for Autistic and ADHD adults, and the people who support them.

Lesley and Catriona - The Autistic Collective

We would like to note some of the contributions Lynsey has made to the programme over the years. She has also included our interns in training she provided to future teachers. She worked with one of our students last year on a Working From Home placement which gave many opportunities for this particular intern who was involved in a government research on 'Autism and Aging' as well as being co-presenter in virtual training using Zoom and TEAMs . She also delivered training to Glasgow employers in an attempt to make Glasgow an Autism Friendly City - past interns have also been involved in this training. She also delivered training on anxiety to the interns. Finally, she has always been more than happy for staff to contact her with any questions we may have, especially regarding concerns we may have about particular students and she would provide suggestions on how to address whatever the problem may be. So, thanks Lynsey - we will miss you

DFN Project SEARCH - University of Strathclyde

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